Facebook's first hackathon


Panoramic photo during Facebook first hackathon in 2014

18-19-20 january 2013 took place facebook's first hackathon at their headquarters in Menlow Park, California. Near 160 students from countries all around the world came to exchange and plan their contributions to different open source projects.

All Canadian students that participated came throught the undergraduate capstone open source project (www.UCOSP.ca). It was the first time for this project to be hosted outside of Canada, briging 43 students from 19 universities into this international hackathon

I got selected to participate to Freeseer, spelled FREE-SEE-R. Freeseer is a mobile studio in a backpack, permitting one to record and broadcast conferences using only open source software.

The first day served mainly to establish contacts between the 19 students forming Freeseer team. Second day was more productive, we received a in-depth presentation about history of the project and everyone started to brainstorm on their plans for contributions. By second day's night everyone had a good idea for their project contribution. At night, we gathered a good portion of the team in an irish pub, then later on, two collegues and I went for a night walk of Stanford campus.

The last day was wrap-up time. Making sure everyone had a strong idea of their project before leaving. I then got selected by mentors to present our project in front of everyone. Before people went to catch their flights, we went for a complete Stanford campus tour.